British Transplant Hunts for Treasure in NYC

British Transplant Hunts for Treasure in NYC

After graduating from the University of Bristol in June, Rowena Henley, 21, left her family to move to New York City to study for a Master’s Degree at NYU School of Journalism. Since arriving, she spends her time attending music shows, scouring vintage shops and eating Thai food. Although she has never lived outside England before and feels nervous being away from home, Ms. Henley is eager to learn how to blend in with American culture. She plans to take a road trip around the country and has aspirations to work at an independent music magazine in London after graduation.

Life in England: My hometown is Brighton. It’s my favorite place ever. It has got loads of music and it’s famous for its vintage shops. It reminds me of a very small New York. It’s really full of life and it has basically defined the way I am so I really have an attachment to it. I feel safe at home and that’s so far away that I feel nervous being in New York. It’s all completely new to me.

Close-knit family: My dad’s a banker, who works long and hard. My mum works at home in public relations so she’s around a lot. She is almost stupidly selfless; she does everything for everyone all the time. And I have two older sisters, Emily and Charlotte, and they are 22 and 26. We all get along really really well; we all have the same sense of humor. Making fun of our parents is what brings us all together. We’ve become really really close the older we’ve got.

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