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I am a student and freelance journalist. Originally from Europe, I switch between writing in English and German. I recently moved to New York where I am a Fulbright grantee attending the Magazine Journalism program at New York University. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Munich. In 2013, I interned at, the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking site in Washington, D.C. An article I wrote about an Obamacare chain-email was PolitiFact’s 2nd most read article of the year and shared over 50,000 times on Facebook. Right now, I am working for the German news-magazine FOCUS Online as well as (a German site for history-lovers) and Die Stadtspionin (“Cityspottergirl”). In the spring of 2015, my first book was published: “Mach’s einfach!,” a guide to the vibrant Do-It-Yourself-scene in Vienna. In the past, I have written for a number of American, German and Austrian magazines and newspapers, including The Huffington Post, News, Presse and Kurier. In 2007, I founded a bimonthly European youth magazine, Schnipsel (“papercuts”), that was awarded funding by the European Union, and won a first prize in the prestigious school magazine contest of the German magazine Spiegel. Besides writing, I have a deep passion for history. For my thesis, I interviewed several Holocaust survivors around the United States, and was subsequently awarded with the University of Munich’s “Prize for Outstanding Student Research.“

Night Court

Manhattan’s Night Court: Come to See Justice Served

For some people, room 130 of the New York City Criminal Court is a stage for personal drama and tragedy, a place where their lives hit a low point. For

City Life

The Chapel That Stood: A Morning of Remembrance and Reconciliation at St. Paul’s Chapel

  “It stood. Not a window broken. Not a stone dislodged. It stood when nothing else did.”